Unbiased Fitness Equipment Review: The Ab Dolly (Final Grade: B)


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43 Responses to “Unbiased Fitness Equipment Review: The Ab Dolly (Final Grade: B)”

  1. bobby brown says:

    great looks like its going to be perfect for the space I have to exercise

  2. AWhiteLatina says:

    I don’t like your shoes. I bet you kill ants and their families with them.
    How rude

  3. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @zoics1 Thanks so much for subbing, it’s an honor to have you viewing!

  4. Jen Thomson says:

    That actually looked like a pretty intense workout!

  5. Jeremy Nakasone says:

    anyone notice he has a HUGE package!

  6. ddf0dr1v3r2 says:

    this Movement Done With This Equipment I think is Maybe The Best For Abs
    … I Do Crunches … but They Don’t Work Sooooooo Well For Abs as Russian
    Twists & Heel Tap aka Penguins Do … … … … at least For Me … …
    … …

  7. zoinks shaggy says:

    I used to pay a personal trainer at a private gym to put me through this
    exact workout and here you are providing this same service to us on
    youtube! Thank you for doing that!

  8. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @sagat70 Tons more unbiased reviews coming soon!

  9. ddf0dr1v3r2 says:

    @MyFrugalFitness aha, not only big abs or only big obliques

  10. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @reyshakquit Thanks so much for the kind words and subscribe, hope you like
    my new vids!

  11. Carla Rajca says:

    I had a Tunturi bike like his.

  12. UnrealSnipa says:

    I just use a towel lol

  13. reyshakquit says:

    you are a great guy mike!! I subscribed!!

  14. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @UnrealSnipa Towel does work for the abs and leg curl portion of it, very
    true! Won’t allow you to do unstable and neutral wrist pushups, dips, and
    mountain climbers etc though. But yes I’ve used towels, rags, paper plates,
    etc instead several times and they work great!

  15. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @ddf0dr1v3r2 I agree, but I do use the Ab Dolly from time to time for

  16. zoinks shaggy says:

    P.S. I’m now subscribed and I’m your newest student!

  17. SuperPaulSullivan says:


  18. Frugal Fitness TV says:

    @zoics1 Hell ya man, that’s what I aim to do! Glad I can be of help and I
    will be posting tons of free information and workouts for you! Have a great

  19. Patel Vijay says:

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    single extra minute in the gym, then you should look closely this video
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  20. Fred Solomon says:

    sweet and sweet body

  21. Cerebralcinema says:

    So does your comment.

  22. rocbarnes says:

    All of the chicks that i see on this channel have nice ass bodys…

  23. carlos esquivel says:

    Hey you are so Cute

  24. gman9997 says:

    damn you sexy !

  25. Ramiro100000 says:


  26. xXx xXx says:

    Lift heavy eat clean… thats all you need

  27. john m says:

    Mckenzie…What is the cost of this unit?…ps. you are a beautiful woman.

  28. fitonfruit ellie sheppard says:

    why even bother buying this? just get resistant bands and wrap them around
    the handle of a sturdy door frame. same alot of money.

  29. CaptainAnimator says:

    Mackenzie, you are so fine, I could watch you washing dishes and still be

  30. ebonydescent says:

    Seems like a good prouduct especially for those who don’t like weight
    training. Nice demo Mackenzie.

  31. nikos nikolaides says:

    Have you tried Lean Body Blaster? (look for it on google) It is a quick way
    to burn calories fast.

  32. arkchanger says:

    im so used to chill when watching psychetruth , that even this video
    relaxes me and makes me wanna sleep … LOL

  33. Thanga Durai says:

    To anyone who wants to get stronger eventually. Copy And paste into Google
    Max Muscle Method to find out more.

  34. toddybottoms says:

    I like that you purposely speaking slowly and clearly. You were speaking
    loudly and clearly but not too loudly. Good camera angle. Good quality
    camera too. Very good quality video and presentation. I like that you
    talked about the bands and you had all the equipment on camera and you
    showed us in real time how it works.

  35. Dangerman5 says:

    Um, is this an independent review?

  36. moakley says:

    watching any woman washing dishes keeps me interested

  37. Luis says:

    i do not agree, you cannot imagine the variety of isometric or isotonic
    exercises you can do without any equipment, just your will and knowledge.
    im using some equipment now but if i didn’t have it, it wouldn’t make any
    difference, my only concern is willpower

  38. Quodge says:

    If you want to use some odd cable/bungie contraption then fair enough.. but
    learn proper forms or you will hurt yourself. all the best

  39. Junaid Qureshi says:

    Good work mack

  40. manFORsuck says:

    not bad boobs not bad at all ;)

  41. kenhuntsmankh says:

    I think you’re sexy!

  42. hughjass1019 says:

    there was a mat?

  43. reereelization says:

    …more boobs

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