The Best Exercise Bike – All You Need To Know

Best exercise bike
Exercise bikes are very popular and for good reason. They offer a great aerobic workout that can be done in just thirty minutes a day a few times a week. This form of exercise is easy on the knees and joints and therefore suitable for all age groups. The main thing will be choosing the best exercise bike for your body and your needs.

Bikes for exercise such as the Schwinn exercise bike come in a variety of styles and with many different options that can make your exercise more convenient and easy to monitor. You can choose options such as calorie counters, heart rate monitors and BMI monitors. You can get them with screen displays that offer special options and even get them with extra wide pedals.

In addition to the options are features that relate to your level of fitness, your height, as well as the amount of room you have to put a stationary bike in. Budget will also be a concern for most. Just like many things, not all bikes are made for all people. Some are very good for those just beginning, while others may be made for very tall people and others for advanced users.

How To Select The Best Exercise Bike

While there are a wide variety of styles and makes, they will basically be of two types, upright or recumbent. The upright is the traditional style and is by far the current favorite. It looks much like other bikes except that it does not have a rear wheel in most cases. It has regular style handle bars and bicycle seat and no back support.

Recumbent bicycles are becoming more and more popular. Because you are positioned differently and have more back support, those with back issues may find this style more suitable. It is especially easy to talk on the phone or read a book while exercising on this type of bike. The draw back to this type is that the workout is generally less intensive. For that reason those with no back issues, or those looking for a maximum workout should choose the more traditional style.

Best exercise bike
The biggest issue many have with exercise bikes are the fact that the seats often feel uncomfortable the longer you stay on them. The good news is that if you look, you can find bikes with very comfortable seats that are made to be comfortable for the long ride or exercise time.

The Schwinn exercise bike is low maintenance and a great tool to keep fit. Just take the time to find the best exercise bike for your particular situation, style and body.


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