Rotator Pursuit Recumbent Bikes

We discovered Phil a blue ’02 barely ridden! Right here’s a peek of our 25 mile Labor Day weekend trip in Freeport. The Etrex reveals 19/20 m.p.h. (nice travelling speed), very comfortable trip.
Video Rating: 5/ 5

Lehokolo azub a cestný bicykel. kamera Milos Juriga
Video Rating: 4/ 5



30 Responses to “Rotator Pursuit Recumbent Bikes”

  1. Fucknuts says:

    do heterosexuals ever ride recumbent bikes?

  2. Michael Silano says:

    What kind of hitch rack are you using? Looks like swagman, but what model
    swagman? Did you have to do any modifications to make the Pursuit fit? I
    have a Pursuit and im looking for transportation options!

  3. N37BU6 says:

    I’m not sure, but I do know in Soviet Russia, recumbent bike rides you.

  4. mcoop571 says:

    Phil says you flip the wheel holders on the Swagman over, and it will work.
    No options necessary to carry it.

  5. Fucknuts says:

    very unoriginal and unclever…

  6. LRGHMN says:

    Recumbents , the answer to a question that should’ve never been asked ….
    Now , bring on the fruitcakes …..


    Why didn’t you pass him?

  8. mutantninjasquirrels says:

    Spinergy wheels! The UCI banned those days I miss them

  9. babusiaN1 says:

    dose nike flippers

  10. John Elliott says:

    Why not overtake him ? try to beat a road bicycle.

  11. Piotr Rayski-Pawlik says:

    Milos can you write me what is your average speed during trips? Have you
    probably tested a Tricon of this same brand? I’m heavily interested in
    buying a recumbent but I have some problems with choosing the model.

  12. steelycraig says:

    bicycle of roads is no chance

  13. Jason King says:

    You lazy bastard…..

  14. Joe Dollinter says:

    How much wind resistance is created by his flip flops and does he have a
    little purse to keep his toes in when he takes a bad spill ?

  15. My Something Random says:

    Uh….flip flops??? hope you got a helmet on so at least your brain won’t
    be mangled when you eat pavement.

  16. Super Kyle says:

    You expended way less effort the the road bike guy.

  17. Rizwan M says:

    The point of the video is that recumbents are faster by virtue of having
    lower air resistance. Front wheel drive recumbents like the Cruzbike are as
    good for climbing as regular road bikes.

  18. Rafe Husain says:

    great video where can u buy this azub ? will u ship to us?

  19. EliteScenes says:

    Haha nice flip flops bro and it was easy for you because you was in this
    guys draft so before you get jolly on cam think about what your doing

  20. Ben Braceletspurple says:

    I dont get what this old video was trying to prove, he never even overtook
    the guy.

  21. Lucas Turri says:

    no es cierto! yo tengo una y es lenta


    1.47 wasted of my life…cheers pal

  23. Tony Boroni says:

    a good recumbent racing bike should be about 1% faster then a good racing

  24. Kharimi Nougat says:

    Each type has its advantages. I think he’s too far behind to be drafting
    him. No sense in anyone acting smug or snotty about their preferred bike.
    I ride a recumbent and I’ve dusted lots of roadies, and in turn been
    smoked by faster riders on road bikes. 

  25. CalumGilhooly says:

    I feel really bad watching someone cycling in flip flops or pool shoes. It
    looks really dangerous.

  26. Calypso 41 says:

    cool nous ne peinons pas quand nous roulons

  27. Samuel Reddaway says:

    Good on you CHAMP. I’d love to see you keep on on a mountain stage. The
    roadie would wipe the floor with that smug look on your face. hahahaha

  28. davidtheguitarman says:

    what’s the name of the song? 

  29. Liofa says:

    The guy on the regular bike isn’t really cycling fast, and you’re in his
    slip stream. So you can yawn all you like… Wait until the first hill…

  30. cyber bri68 says:

    I like both but I have a regular road bike because I live in a mountainous
    area and I feel more comfortable going down curvy mountain roads on a
    regular road bike. Also, I can climb faster on my bike. If I had enough
    money for both types of bikes I’d have both.

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