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Finest Fitness BFMG20 Check It Out !!!
The BFMG20 allows you to carry out lots of workouts with two pulley-blocks. It features a lat pull down bar. The padded press arms follow a natural arc which is developed to replicate a weight system. The cables are aircraft quality and the pulley-blocks are made from fiberglass with a ballbearing activity to provide you a smooth movement.

Item Features
The BFMG20 comes with a 150 pound weight stack with cable televisions that have actually been checked to 2,200 pounds. It will certainly allow you to carry out lots of exercises such as the bench press, pectoral fly, down, tricep extension, curls, shrugs and deltoid raises.

– Compact design for low ceilinged homes
– Perform dozens of exercises
– 150 pound weight stack
– Natural arc to imitate weights
– Includes high pulley-block and large grip bar
– Includes a three-year warranty

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