Exercise Machines : How to Use a Stair Stepper Properly

When utilizing a stair stepper, it is essential to preserve good posture to fully engage the core muscles. Select the preferred program on a stair stepper device with guidance from an expert personal trainer in this totally free video on utilizing workout devices. You can find more stair stepperinfo here.

Expert: Stephen Smith
Bio: Stephen Smith is the owner and operator of Viva Physical fitness and is contracted out at Urban Body Physical fitness in Atlanta, Georgia.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton
Video Rating: 4/ 5


25 Responses to “Exercise Machines : How to Use a Stair Stepper Properly”

  1. Trenerze Trenerzowski says:

    Stepper is great, it develops muscles in great way – if you know how to use
    it ;)

  2. Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:

    first time i used this i was so confused
    i literally stood on it with both feet and slowly it just lowered. and i
    looked like an idiot

  3. Hmraja says:

    I used it when no one was at the gym, :D
    And I walk up the stairs like an orang-utan when no ones watching lol

  4. Play time says:

    Changed my life real shit

  5. Emma Alder says:

    I always see people at the gym slouching/heavily leaning on handles! I know
    why, it’s so easy to do because this does really seem to work you. I’ve
    just started a weight loss regime on my own, so looking for as much advice
    as possible – thank you for this :)

  6. blinded_in_chains says:

    Tried to figure it out myself at the gym. Looked like a damn fool! Thank

  7. xMiso12x says:

    I didn’t finish the video and slouched while doing this and got raped by a
    hobo who somehow got in my house

  8. John Chisholm says:

    The but back slouch position is very useful when your fucked at the end of
    the workout!

  9. edit I says:

    great video..just started doing this and was slouching.

  10. sergio trajano says:

    it seems boring. is it?

  11. shenglong says:

    lol look at how much calories in ur sweets now try to eat the same amount
    of calories in veg and meat…..you will be shocked at how much clean foods
    u can have

  12. Hakuromatsu says:

    1:10 challenge accepted

  13. ukstevey says:

    as much as any other cardio machine i guess – I love it, one of the highest
    calory burn machines per minute and the sweat really drips off makes you
    feel like its doing something.

  14. Liana Yesayan says:

    did you change your eating habits as well?

  15. Lazybabyz says:

    Can i still use a stepper with achilles tendonitis?

  16. bluevn2002 says:

    Educational and funny

  17. Egor Dosenko says:

    Hello! I’m Amanda.I did -15 lbs past two weeks.Open gitara.io

  18. Randy Sandberg says:

    This is an excellent video for folks wanting to know how to properly use a
    stepper. Thanks for the education Stephen! :-)

  19. Yura Parhach says:

    Hello! I’m Jake.I did -10 lbs past one week.Open hddiet.gs#T4PS

  20. sergio trajano says:

    it not seems funny to work out. keep one hour every day on this machine
    seems to be really tedious. i like running stead.

  21. EchoBunni says:

    @rumblebuzz1. Lol..

  22. theinclosedself says:

    I used to weigh like 175 but I lost it and was 150 all in two weeks at
    Guatemala since mostly all I did there was jogging,swimming, and only ate a
    few foods, but you can basically eat anything as long as you use
    proportions. I use to eat like three sandwiches ham and cheese and egg now
    I only eat one sandwich with one egg sandwich and not so much cheese like
    one slice and now I weigh 147 losing weight and keeping it like that is
    hard but you just have to try harder I eat so much sweets but I do

  23. ankooris says:

    I changed my eating habits as well. I used to eat a family size bag of
    potato chips a day, now I rarely eat, also I avoid sugar/processed foods.
    After loosing a lot of weight, around 90 lbs (from 42 inch waist to 33 inch
    waist), I have finished one round of P90X (I lost another 10 lbs, and 3
    inches from my waist), now I workout on stairmaster every alternate day (1
    min 175 steps/min then 1 minute jumping rope, I continue doing this for an
    hour) and other days weight training. Will start Insanity

  24. Sianna Arruda says:


  25. Cali Gurl says:

    Do anybody know if the stepper machine widens the hips?

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