CNET Top 5 – Best fitness trackers

Wearable tech that will certainly inspire you to get in shape.

Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch, Black


25 Responses to “CNET Top 5 – Best fitness trackers”

  1. Darien Guy says:

    The Withings Pulse o2 was actually the first fitness tracker I tried. I
    need one with a HRM because I do more lifting than cardio. I liked it but
    I ended up returning it because the HRM is inconvenient to use being on the
    back of the device and doesn’t work very well. It does fine with resting
    heart rate but freaks out when your heart rate is elevated. Plus I think
    ANY fitness tracker that isn’t waterproof is ridiculous. Having to take
    the thing off to wash your hands defeats the purpose of these things which
    is to wear them 24/7. Now I am going back and forth between the Polar Loop
    and the Garmin Vivosmart. Both do some things very well but neither of
    them do everything right.

  2. Muyen Kamran says:

    Why would ANYONE spend ALL of that MONEY on a FITNESS TRACKER. U don’t need
    a fitness tracker to stay fit. 

  3. ormand3000 says:

    I don’t believe Donald Bell is a fan of Scott Stein’s Top 5 Choices. Donald
    mentions that he didn’t choose these Top 5s twice in this review. I would
    like to hear what Donald’s Top 5 Choices are.

  4. Luke Buckner says:

    Nike still makes the fuelband and it’s great.

  5. Richard Fleites says:

    A notable exclusion here is the Withings Activité watch which is probably
    one of the best watch / fitness tracker devices out there.

  6. Sarunas Kubilius says:

    I’d say Microsoft Band was worth mentioning too because in its class, the
    Band is comparable with WP, Ios and Android, it also has a pretty solid
    battery and some kind of useful sensors 

  7. Neff Juarez says:

    wow and polar wasn’t on this list.

  8. techysmartwatch says:

    Considering buying a fitness tracker?

  9. Julien Cpri says:

    Withings is french , I’m french !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. amaturika says:

    What about garmin Vivofit?

  11. Harvey Brown says:

    vivofit is one of the best

  12. Vai Rostampour says:

    Delirious for thinking the smart watches will be under $200?

    The LG G watch has already been said to come out at $180?

  13. Luiggi Gun says:

    I have no idea why the Polar Loop wasn’t mentioned.. it’s never failed
    me… i can track how my workouts are going since i can use my h7 with it..
    a feature none of those have.. and it has its own trainer if you purchase
    it on the polar beat app.. meh.. guess its just a cheap promo for all the
    rest of the shitty activity trackers.. btw the fitbit flex is horrible..
    gave it back once i noticed that its much more expensive than the loop and
    it doesn’t accurately track your steps since it thinks you’re walking when
    you’re in a car

  14. BeRtIeStArScReAm says:

    More Donald we want more lol. 

  15. Harvey Solomon-Brady says:

    Fire him. 

  16. Sandra Seals says:

    Damned, I got the Nike Fuelband and I got a rash.

  17. mitino aiken says:


  18. Joshua Walsh says:

    Whoever is paying over $200 for a fitness tracker is wasting their money.
    They all do the same thing. Why spend so much more?

  19. Oscar Miskin says:

    What is that thing whizzing past the screen in the background at 2:45?!

  20. Allex Radu says:

    Basis should’ve been the best in this list, the so-called “no1” only tracks
    your heart rate when you remember and it looks like crap, basis does it
    every 5 sec.

  21. Keegan Barbour says:

    Gear first is way cooler than all of these

  22. MarioGaming1231 says:

    What about the Samsung Gear Fit?

  23. TheGaIaxy says:

    I will buy a smartwatch once it can send and receive cellular messages and
    last just as long as a phone. It will happen. So I say, three to five years
    from now, smart watches will be worn for phone and notification
    capabilities and people will look stupid holding up their wrist to their
    ear to talk. Tablet and phablets use will rise. Phones that are smaller
    than a phablets will decline and eventually be redundant. Sigh…the
    future…we are perhaps there. But I haven’t seen holograms yet. When I see
    hologram advertisements everywhere, then the future has arrived. Forget
    flying cars, it will never happen, at least not in this century.

  24. David Hee says:

    via +CNET

    Best Fitness Tracking devices

  25. dsan45 says:

    I was expecting gear fit to be there

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